About Us

Tawhai Gotland Sheep Stud is owned and operated by Penni Loffhagen, situated among the beautiful Canterbury farmlands.

Penni Loffhagen

Penni was raised in Culverden , North Canterbury where her family (third generation stud sheep breeders) bred Romneys, South Suffolks, English Leicesters, Halfbreds and Suffolks.  Penni started her own flock of Suffolks in 1989 with the encouragement of her parents, Marty and Ann Loffhagen and her grandparents, Tug and Margaret Burrows.

About Tawhai Gotland Sheep Stud

Our Gotlands are run alongside our 200 Suffolk ewes and 100 Romney ewes on our 650 acre dry land Sheep and Beef farm. I developed a passion for Gotlands as a hobby, but our direction changed with the opportunity to purchase the superior newly imported Swedish genetics from Ervalla Gotland sheep Stud.

These genetics have the potential to move the current New Zealand Gotland breed into the competitive commercial carcass industry.  These sheep have high quality wool and pelts, while meeting the weight range for the meat industry.

Currently we have 500 Gotland breeding ewes which have put us well on the way to achieving our early goals for the business. 

In addition, we now offer for sale ewes, rams and luxurious pelts & wool  that can be purchased through our online shop.  Our popular workshops also offer an opportunity for learning new skills such as felting, spinning and dyeing.  Please contact me for more information.