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  • Swedish Gotland Wool, Tawhai Gotland Sheep Stud
    Freshly spun Gotland sheeps wool from New Zealand for knitting and crafts.
  • Felting & Wool Workshops, Tawhai Gotland Sheep Stud
    A range of workshops that take place on our farm in Hawarden. Have fun learning about spinning, dyeing and felting of Gotland wool products. Each workshop includes a farm tour and opportunity to meet our beautiful Gotland sheep.
  • Gift someone in your life a Tawhai Gotland Stud voucher that can be used for anything on our website including pre-ordering a ram, attending a craft workshop, purchasing a sheepskin pelt or perhaps cards of knitting yarn
  • Rams for Sale, Tawhai Gotland Sheep Stud
    Gotland ram lambs we have 100% gotland rams with 50%, 75% and 87.5% Swedish Genetics. Available now
  • Gotland ewes for sale
    Kick start for breeding programme with these limited and special ewes.
  • Luxurious Gotland wool felt soaps
    Gorgeous Scullys Soaps, made in NZ. Covered with beautiful gotland felted wool.
  • Give someone you know a unique gift from Tawhai Gotland Stud. The voucher can be used to purchase anything from a ram, a sheepskin rug to a workshop.
    NZ$ 50.00