Dyeing on the Farm

Dyeing with Mellissa!

Achieving Colour with Dynamic Principles

Join our next friendly wool dyeing workshop to be held on our Tawhai Gotland Sheep farm in Hurunui.

This workshop uses a dynamic dyeing methodology to create depth and dimension (2D's) and consistency of colour. This means there can never be rigidness in technique because the canvas and acid dyes will always interact differently.

Using Gotland wool, Mellissa will expertly guide you through the three key principles of wool dyeing:

Know your canvas

All fibres have a differing potential to pick up dyes. This is  based on structures of the actual fibres. Each and every species and even individually within species, will vary.

Know your dyes

In acid dyes, the affinity for each specific dye for fibre is different. This is largely based on the molecular size of each dye colour. Learn how to differentiate between dyes and the affect they have on the dyeing wool.


Attending this workshop is just the beginning - it will arm you with the knowledge and basic skills to experiment in your own time but there is no substitute for experience!